Our wish at Sliwils is that you express your inner world through the laces you wear, laces that, due to their design, go beyond their classic function and become true fashion accessories.

But apart from this desire to make you have fun, to make you stand out and be who you are, Sliwils laces are also an innovative product resulting from the decades of experience of our parent company: Byesta.

Byetsa, manufacturers since 1969

Byetsa, the family business from which Sliwils emerged, is a company rooted in the textile tradition of the Catalan region of Bages.

The facilities are located in the capital, Manresa, where it has been making bias fabrics for workshops and haberdasheries for more than half a century.

Sliwils shoelaces

The bias binding, the basis of Sliwils laces

Bias cutting consists of cutting the fabric diagonally to the orientation of the warp and weft threads. The result of bias cutting is a fabric that is more elastic and stronger than a fabric cut on the warp and weft.

The bias cut began to be used at the beginning of the 20th century for dresses, skirts, ties and lingerie in general. The reason for this was to give the garments more elasticity so that they would adapt better to the shape of the body.

Bias-woven laces, more elastic and stronger

Sliwils cords are tubular cords woven on the bias, filled with twisted fibres and finished with metal spikes to close them.

In this way, by using bias cutting, we create different and differentiating products, without printing or dyeing already braided cords directly.

So what you will wear not only on your trainers, but on any everyday clothing, is a product as unique as you are.

Start making a difference with Sliwils laces today.